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crazy cool c week


a celestial collection of colorful c words for cads, cantankerous curmudgeons and chowderheads as well as gourmands from the creme de le creme of fine dining, bistro 420

clarion outrageous lie
canny to attempt to convince or browbeat
crapola slang for a dumb person
cad a panacea
cajole eating
callithump ongoing
cockamamie clear call to fine dining
chalet evil laugh
chowderhead clever such as gourmands who dine at 420
cacoethes nonsense
cacotopia bad habit such as NOT dining at the bistro
chronic swiss house
creme de le creme procrastination
calumny fear of (non bistro) food
chortle state of being as bad as it can be
catholican person whose purpose is to occupy space
cibophobia to confuse
cibation an unrully crowd
codswallop a scoundrel
confute french best of the best
cowcat to disprove
confiscate something useless
cunctation vile misrepresentation

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