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Nervous System

Lenny Franco

Diagnostic, Symptomatic, and Related Terms

1asthenia _____mental disorder which you loss contact with reality
2ataxia _____temporary loss of blodd flow in the brain
3aura _____numbness, tingling sensation
4coma _____cerebral spinal fluid
5dyslexia _____difficulty using words
6dementia  _____paralysis of the face
7herpes zoster _____high frecuency sound waves used to get image
8quadriplegia _____deep unconsciousness
9psychosis _____memory impairment
10paresthesia _____weakness, loss of strength
11palsy bell _____a method of cutting through the skull
12neurosis _____fluid in the brain
13hydrocephalus _____w/o coordination
14syncope _____abnormal anxiety
15TIA _____shingles
16CSF _____faint
17PET scan _____awarness that something is about to happen
18trephination _____paralysis of the four extremities
19electroencephalography _____Cat scan with injection of radioactive ions
20ultrasonography _____recording of the electrical activity of the brain

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