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Atmosphere Substances such as gasses or particles discharged into the atmosphere
Climate Any change in climate over time whether due to natural processes or human activities
Climate change Describes the observable trend of rising world temperature over the past century especially during the last couple of decades
Ecological sustainability Fuels that come from the breakdown of organic matter for example coal, oil and natural gas. Gasses released include carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide
Emissions Where things are and why they are there
Enhanced greenhouse effect A parasitic disease that involves high fevers, shaking chills and flu like symptoms
Greenhouse gases Increased ability of the earths atmosphere to trap heat
Global warming The layer of gases which surround the earth and support life
Malaria Describes actions that meet the needs of the present population without endangering the future generations to meet their needs
Renewable energy sources The predicted weather at a particular place based on the average of weather events over many years
Spatial dimension Tithe layer of gasses in the atmosphere that trap energy emitted from the earths surface and helps support life
Fossil fuels The result of the sun heat being trapped in the atmosphere rather than reflected out to space. This causes significant increase in temperature
Greenhouse effect  Energy source that an be easily replaced in a short amount of time, such as solar and wind non renewable sources include fossil fuels

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