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Dynamic D Week vocabulary


A deliscious dispersion of dynamic and doable d words from the domain of fine dining, bistro 420

the bistro putting ones foot in ones mouth, literally or figuatively
dratted german slang for foolish people
dunderheads a person who is not too smart
Dapocaginous  out of ones element
Darraign a repeated and meaningless statement
declasse a panacea
Deglutition dashing, classy
dodo worthless
deduce the act of swallowing
Depascent scattering of a racial or ethnic group by decree
depayse home of fine dining
Diacatholicon to vindicate or prove
diadact speaking well
Dontopedalogy eating
dunce heartless
draffish cursed
deboniair below ones social class
dyslogia slang for a dumb person based on a dumb bird
dapper deliriously happy
diaspora a person given to judging and lecturing
dystopia place where all possible bad is happening at once
ducdame sharp, stylish
dithyrambic the inability to express oneself due to mental defects
doctiloquent minor, triffling thing
doit to figure out

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