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Summer Olympics Matching

Match the correct result. Write the correct number on the line.

1City of First Olympics _____Athens
2What year was the first olympics held. _____Larissa Latynina
3Who has won the most gold medals at a single Olympic Games in history. _____Greece
4Who won the most gold medals at the 1972 Munich Olympics _____James Connelly
5Who was the first winner in modern Olympics _____U.S.A.
6Who is the athlete to win the Olympics barefoot? _____London
7What country marches last at the opening ceremon _____1964
8When was the Olympics first in Asia? _____Abebe BikilaAT what
9What country always marches in first? _____Host Country
10What country has won the maximum number of gold medals in the Olympics? _____Greg Louganis
11Which American diver won a double gold at the 1988 Seoul Olympics _____1896
12Who duplicated Jess Ownens' 1936 feat of winning 4 gold medals in track and field in 1984 Los Angeles Olympics _____Rome, 1960
13Where were the Olympics in 2004 _____Carl Lewis
14In what year were the Summer Olympics first seen on American TV _____Mark Spitz
15Who has won the most gold medals in their career? _____Athens
16Where are the 2012 Summer Olympics being held? _____Michael Phelps

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