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Vocabulary for Pawn of Prophecy

Allyssa Barker

Write the number of the word next to its correct definition.

1dotage _____to happen or result as a natural growth, addition, etc
2oppressive _____to express earnest disapproval of
3loitered _____unjustly severe, burdensome
4sober _____extending back beyond memory, record, or knowledge
5deprecatingly _____gloomily, sullenly ill-humored as in person or mood
6glutted _____crafty or artful deception
7porter _____into separate parts, in or into pieces
8pauper _____person hired to carry burdens or baggage
9augury _____not intoxicated or drunk
10morosely _____to entertain lavishly or agreeably
11asunder _____omen
12immemorial _____to feed or fill to satiety; to sate
13propitious _____physical or mental weariness
14pestersome _____immoral or evil habit or practice
15vice _____a very poor person
16guile _____extreme care or reluctance in spending
17accrue _____feebleness of mind, especially due to old age
18lassitude _____to linger aimlessly
19regale _____presenting favorable conditions
20parsimonious _____bothersome

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