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Pediatric Emergency

1Adenosine _____ventricle not pumping effectively, insufficient cardiac output
2Atropine _____synchronized cardioversion, IV amiodarone, tx underlying cause
3Dobutamine _____death or gradual recovery
4Dopamine _____inotropic, inc CO, BP and renal perfusion, for brady cardia, hypotension and poor cardiac output
5Epinephrine _____antiarrhythmic, administer rapidly, for SVT
6Glucose  _____acetylcystenine (Mucomyst)
7Lidocaine _____used for SVT, V-tach with a pulse, synchronized on R waves
8Narcan  _____hepatic stage, pain in upper right quadrant
9CPR _____one person 30:2, two person 15:2, fingers and thumb at the nipple line
10CPR infant _____estimates wgt of child based on length
11CPR child _____anticholinergic, inc CO, dries secretions, for sinus bradycardia, asystole, PEA, don't mix with sodium bicarbonate
12Defibrillation _____catecholamine, inc myocardial contractility and HR, mgt of shock
13Cardioversion _____no palpable pulse or signs of perfusion, Asystole, PEA
14Automated External Defib _____fever, pain, fear; physiologic causes such as hypoxia and hypovolemia, focus on underlying cause
15Broselow tape _____vagal maneuvers such as ice to face of blowing through a straw, adenosine
16Shock _____HR <60 and signs of altered perfusion
17Hypovolemic shock _____antagonizes action of narcotic agents, watch for respirator despression
18Septic shock _____caused by impaired cardiac output or impaired SVR
19Septic shock: warm shock _____result in loss of SVR; hypovolemia occurs with neurogenic injury-related shock and anaphylaxis
20Septic shock: cold shock _____systemic inflammatory response
21Cardiogenic shock _____adenosine or synchronized cardioversion
22Distributive shock _____inc CO and low SVR
23Altered microcirculatory status _____compensatory mechanisms activated in response to decreased blood flow
24Bradyarrhythmias: Sinus bradycardia _____determine if SVT or VT
25Bradyarrhythmias: Bradycardia related to heart block _____indicated for childern over 1 who have experienced sudden witnessed collapse and have no pulse
26Bradyarrhythmias: Serious, life threatening _____regular rhythm and extremely rapid rate, problem with conduction system, genetic problem
27Bradyarrhythmias management _____used to depolarize myocardial cells to terminate abnormal life threatening rhythm, used in conjunction with oxygen, CPR and medications
28Tachyarrhthmias: Sinus tachycardia _____systemic perfusion decreses due to inadquate intravascular volume, occurs in association with fluid losses
29Tachyarrhthmias: SVT _____one person 30:2, two person 15:2, heel of hand or two hands pressing on sternum at the nipple line
30Tachyarrhthmias: VT _____elevated HR and wide QRS; abnormal rapid firing of ventricles
31Tachyarrhthmias management _____oxygen, ventilate, EPINEPHRINE, ATROPINE, antidotes to toxins
32Tachyarrhthmias management Compensated SVT _____HR < 60 bpm, two person no pauses for ventilation
33 Tachyarrhthmias mnagement Uncompensated SVT _____dec CO and high SVR
34Tachyarrhthmias mnagement VT _____antidysrhythmic, dec automaticity of conduction tissues of heart, for ventricular arrhythmias, contraindicated in complete heart block
35Collapsed rhythms (pulse-less rhythm)  _____inc blood glucose level, for hypoglycemia
36V Fib _____adrenergic, inc HR and SVR, for bradycardia, anaphylaxis
37Acetaminophen Overdose: 3-7 days after or longer _____brief dips can be normal such as when child has vagal response; recovers with or without stimulation and no signs of altered perfusion
38Acetaminophen Overdose: Final stage _____ineffective pumping of the hear causing decrease in stroke volume
39Acetaminophen Overdose intervention _____exhibit poor feeding, tachypnea in young children, fatigue, dizziness, and syncope in older children

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