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Communicating with People with Disabilities

Things to Remember !!

1Able Bodies _____Proper name for a relatively new, well organized movement among people with disabilities to help them create alternatives to care, such as living in a nursing home.
2Blind _____Applies to golf and horse racing, not people.
3Crippled _____Neither a particularly apt noun, nor a very precise adjective, at least when applied to persons with disabilities
4Deaf _____What some disabled people have had, which may have caused or contributed to their disability, but probably do not have now.
5Disability _____Understanding, but not the same as sympathy.
6Disease _____A person not necessarily disabled, who wants sympathy because of a loss, especially one caused by unfair means.
7Empathy _____Good term for a range of disabilities from slight hearing loss to total deafness.
8Handicap _____A feeling expressed by others towards disabled persons which most would usually trade instantly for acceptance and appreciation of their talents and capabilities.
9Hearing Impaired _____What some people with visual impairments are, but not all.
10Hemiplegia _____What most disabled people aren't
11Independent Living _____Good, accurate term.
12Normal _____What some hearing-impaired people are, but not all.
13Prosthesis _____What persons with disabilities may call the nondisabled, a neutral term
14Sick _____Full or partial paralysis of one side of the body, caused by brain damage due to disease, trauma or stroke.
15Sympathy _____A replacement for a missing part of the body: limb, eye, tooth, etc.
16Victim _____What all people, including people with disabilities, think they are.

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