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Bacterial DNA Replication Proteins and Their Functions

Melissa S.

Match the enzyme to it's function!

Helicase Binds to and stabilizes single-stranded DNA until it can be used as a template
Single-Strand Binding Protein Synthesizes an RNA primer at 5' end of leading strand and of each Okazaki fragment of lagging strand
Topoisomerase Removes RNA nucleotides of primer from 5' end and replaces them with DNA nucleotides
Primase Using parental DNA as a template, synthesizes new DNA strand by covalently adding nucleotides to the 3' end of a pre-existing DNA strand or RNA primer
DNA Polymerase III Unwinds parental double helix at replication forks
DNA Polymerase I Joins 3' end of DNA that replaces primer to rest of leading strand and joins Okazaki fragments of lagging strand
DNA Ligase Relieves "overwinding" strain ahead of replication forks by breaking, swiveling, and rejoining DNA strands

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