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Populists and Progressives: (1890-1920)

Kelly Hollister and Starr Trujillo

Theadore Roosevelt Rebublican; Meat inspection Act, Pure Food and Drug Act, Conservation trust buster
William H. Taft Democrat; 17, 18, and 19th amendment
Woodrow Wilson Makes governement more democratic; Hold new elections to get rid of bad politicians
Susan B. Anthony 1912 election; has ran as the american socialist party candidate; He won nearly one million votes
W.E.B. Dubois Federal inspection of meat. reaction to Upton Sinclaires "The Jungle"
Robert Lafollete direct election of senators
Initiative This as well as watergate scandal caused people to distrust government
Referendum 1st federal law designed to regulate interstate commerce
Recall Makes government more democratic; citizens vote on laws before they go into act
Teapot Dome Scandal Republican; Childrens bureau to investigate and publicize child labor, Mann Elkins Act
Insterstate Commerce Commission  Makes government more democratic; citizens can introduce laws to legislature
Sherman Anti-trust Act direct tax on income not land
16th Amendment Womens right activist; fought for womens suffrage
17th Amendment Called americans to perserve the US's Natural Resources and regulate their use
Meat Inspection Act African American activist; Helped found NAACP; Believed voting was essential to end discrimination
Conservation 1890- made monopolies or trusts illegal; hard to enforce
Eugene Debs (Third Party Movement) Governer of Wisconsin; Wanted the direct primary vote to make more democratic and break power of party busses

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