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fantastic f week


a fanciful fru fru of flighty but flinty f week words from the formidable fortress of fine food, bistro 420

foodie slang, the begining
fru fru mistake caused by character defect
falstafian lack of good sense in action
flake weak and pathetic
fabulist slan a deception
feckless someone who makes up fables
foible center of attention, the bistro to foodies
flapdoodle gross flatery and nonsense
flibbergibbet in truth
flounce flighty person
forsooth having the qualities of falstaff, a criminal
frith fury, anger
furibund toughness
faux pas fancy
folly to move impatiently
fortitude slang for someone without common sense
focal point holding something tight and strong
fiddle faddle peace
fount crazy, silly
flim flam slang , silly people having no common sense
fandango french, an error
flakes party
farcical one who appreciates fine food, such as bistro 420
fastness waste of time, nonsense

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