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5th Grade Spelling Words #4 Book 2

*Match the definition to the spelling word. Write the correct letter on the blank line next to the word it goes with.

______ obscure I. loud noises
______ resolute L. dignified; noble
______ jubilant A. not telling someone something; secret
______ majestic B. not strong
______ flimsy H. firmly determined
______ rowdy D. threatening; evil
______ lush O. something hidden out of the away
______ supportive K. going without stopping
______ merciful N. to hold up or in position; foundation
______ continual E. large amount
______ considerable J. very grand; spectacular
______ sinister F. joyful or happy
______ secretive M. demanding attention; persistent
______ insistent C. covered in thick growth
______ magnificent G. showing mercy or compassion

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