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Ex. 7-3: MMWR

Shigellosis Causative agent of Rocky Mt. Spotted Fever
Salmonellosis Acute bacterial infection caused by S. typhimurium
Meningococcal West Nile virus is common in the United States.
Morbidity These droplets transmit S. pneumonia
Epidemiology Mosquito species that transmits malaria.
False The rate of incidence of a disease.
GN diplococci Acute bacterial infection caused by S. sonnei.
Trophozoite Number one source for rabies in the United states
Pontiac Fever Locomotion of Treponema pallidum.
Bats Adult morphology of G. lamblia
B. burgdorferi Milderm for of Legionellosis
Corkscrew Chlamydia species the causes STI.
Respiratory The study of illness and disease among the population.
Anopheles Disease caused by N. meningitidis.
C. trachomatis Gram stain: Neisseria gonorrhoeae
R. rickettsii Lyme disease bacterium

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