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groovy and gnarly g week


a grandiloquent gathering of groovy and gnarly g week words from the genuflectable grande dame of glorified grub, bistro 420

gormless the study of fine food
galoot slang for food
grotesque slovenly , boorish behavior
gauche slang a place to eat
groggeries learned flattery
gutter snipes ugly and or alarming
gelogenic sixties slang for something cool
grotesque stupid
gourmands low born persons
gastronomy french low class or gross
gymnosophist slang those who follow someone/something famous
genuflect ugly
groupies slang, low down dumb person
gammon to bend the knee in reverence
gleek g week is this
gormandism simpleton
grimgribber those who appreciate fine bistro food
grobianism gluttony
grum archaic , laguther producing
gulpin surly morose
grub an Indian wise man
gnarly flattery and deceit
groovy  a hoax

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