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Solid Waste and Management

Mr. Peterson

Vocabulary Words for Chapter 4-2 pages 122-126

Directions to draw a line frome the word to the correct letter.

1. municipal solid waste G. Layer of clay or plastic on sides of the landfill.
2. leachate tretment J. Compacting wasre to reduce its volume and keep the landfill from settling.
3. gas recovery C. Holds municipal solid waste and oncefilled it is buried.
4. soild waste layers M. Pumped into holding tanks and treated with chemicals.
5. monitoring wells K. Testing wells surround the landfill to detect wastes polluting the groundwater.
6. leachate collection A. Leftover produts fom solid materials.
7. liner  B. The burning of solid waste.
8. sanitary landfill L. Refer to reclaiming raw materials to create new products.
9. incinerator E. Leaves and food scraps such as fruit and vegetales are gathered in piles which decays into fertilizer.
10. recycle F. The waste materials produced from homes, businesses, and schools in the community.
11. biodegradable I. Water moving through the landfill dissolves substances from the waste material and collected on the bottom.
12. resins D. A substance or material that can be broken downn or recycled by bateria.
13. composting H. Collecting the gases given off in a landfill to avoid pressure or an explosion.

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