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5th Grade Spelling Words #5 Book 2

*Match the definition to the correct word. *Then, write the correct letter next to the word it goes with.

1. _____serene E. sad; being dark and gloomy
2. _____treacherous D. calm; peaceful
3. _____sparse L. shining; glowing
4. _____radiant B. suddenly exploding; losing your temper
5. _____exotic F. clear enough or thin enough to see through
6. _____courteous G. causing fear or alarm; shocking
7. _____somber I. introduced from a foriegn country
8. _____outlandish K. hasty; rash; highly spirited; zany
9. _____transparent A. polite; respectful
10._____explosive H. thin; little growth; not thickly grown
11._____brash C. very strange or unusual; bizarre
12._____frightful J. not to be trusted; not safe

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