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Taxonomy and classification


1Artificial Classification _____These particular multicellular eukaryotes.. have features get hetrotrophic nutrition.....
2Natural Classification _____A system that classifies similarities between organisms... These can be of two types homologous and analogous characteristics.
3Homologous _____Characteristics that are similar in origin, structure and position....e.g the flipper of a dolphin and arm of a human.
4Analogous _____This kingdom consists of Eukaryotic organisms, walls are made from polysaccharides, has involvement with coenocytic hyphae that forms mycelium
5Taxon _____Organisms found in this kingdom are eukaryotes, but have characteristics that exclude them from any other kingdoms.
6Kingdom _____A group of organisms which share some basic features. Every taxon has a status ...e.g. phylum, class, order, ect
7Prokaryotae  _____There are five different groups of this....Prokaryotae, Protista, Fungi, Plantae, Animalia
8Protoctista  _____These eukaryotes, consists of cellulose walls and are in possession of chloroplast
9Fungi _____Characteristics that have a similar function but they are not homologous ....e.g the wing of an insect, the wings of a bird, they are used for the same function but have very different structures.
10Plantae  _____This organism has no; nucleus, no membrane bound organelles and consists of circular DNA
11Animalia _____Sorting organisms into groups that show differences e.g in feature......Sorting into 'haves' and 'have not's'

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