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hip and happenin' h week


a heapin' helpin' of h week words from that happy hunting grounds of haute monde haute cuisine, bistro 420

harbinger excessive vomiting
hip and happenin archiaic for witches tormenting people
haute monde to make dull or obtuse
haute cuisine slang for talking without answering
honed form of madness
hebetate sixties slang for cool
hyperemeis foretells the future
hag rides plunder ravage destroy
hypogeusia french for high class food such as the bistros
hellions archaic melancholly gloomy
havoc awkward yough
hiricine difficult to control chaos
hypobulic place set aside
hobbish french for high class crowd
hallowed hall diminished sense of taste (caused by non bistro food)
humgruffin smells like a goat
hobbledehoy stupidity
hebetude weak willed
harry people who raise hell
hem hawing sharpened
hysteria horrid person

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