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Urinary System


cyst/o, vesic/o suturing, repairing
glomerul/o cut, section
meat/o sound
nephr/o, ren/o urethra
pyel/o glomerulus
ureter/o urrine, urinary tract
urethr/o surgical crushing
albumin/o renal pelvis
azot/o albumin
blast/o meatus (opening)
glyc/o, glycos/o sugar
hydr/o urea, nitrogen
lith/o night
noct/i water
olig/o scanty, few
son/o bladder, sac
tom/o drooping, sagging, prolapse
urin/o, ur/o developing cell, germ cell
-gram kidney
-lasis, -esis condition
-lysis urine, urination
megaly nourishment, development
-ptosis record, radiographic image
-rraphy loosening, dissolution, seperating
-tripsy ureter
-trophy stone, calculus
-uria enlargement

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