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Reproductive System

Ms. DeBoor

Match the terms with the appropriate description. Place the number of the term next to the correct description.

1chromosome _____where egg white is added
2meiosis _____occurs when blood flow creates presssure in the penis
3estrous cycle _____produces eggs
4estrus _____carries sperm to urethra
5anestrus _____where inner and outer shell membranes are added
6parturition _____state of sexual excitement
7gestation _____ ____ eggs will hatch
8vulva _____firm structure that protects the opening of the uterus
9cervix _____ ___ control the estrous cycle
10oviduct _____stores sperm
11ovar  _____fertilization of chicken eggs occur here
12polyestrous _____number of hours needed to add shell to the egg
13testes _____term for well developed chicken offspring
14epididymis _____ ___ eggs will not hatch; the ones we eat
15vas deferens _____reproductive cells are made with this
16precocial _____short body joining two horns; Y shape
17infindibulum _____egg whites
18magnum _____when an animal isn't cycling through estrous
19albumen _____decreases for males and females with age
20twenty _____avian testicals are found ______ the body
21inside _____contains the genetic material of the cell
22uterus _____an animal cycles continuously until pregnant
23hormones _____produce sperm
24seasonal polyestrous _____pushes egg out of body
25erection _____ pregnancy
26fertilized _____carries eggs away from ovary to uterus
27infertile _____series of events that prep females for pregnancy
28isthmus _____ external opening leading to vagina
29vagina _____giving birth
30fertility _____animal cycles continuously until pregnant but only specific times of year

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