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Ratio Analysis - Calculations

Jason Marchant

Match the ratio with its method of calculation

Gross Profit Ratio Gross profit / Net sales x 100
Net Profit Ratio Net credit sales / Average accounts receivable
Rate of Return on Owners Equity Net profit / Net sales x 100
Rate of Return on Total Assets (Net profit + Interest expense) / Average total assets x 100
Current Ratio Cash from operating activities / Revenue x 100
Quick Ratio Current assets – (Inventories + Prepayments) / Current liabilities
Equity Ratio Cost of goods sold / Average inventories
Debt Ratio Total liabilities / Total assets x 100
Rate of Return of Inventories Cash from operating activities / (Repayment of borrowings + Payments for non-current assets + Drawings) x 100
Rate of Turnover of Accounts Receivable Current assets / Current liabilities
Cash Flow Adequacy Ratio Owner’s equity / Total assets x 100
Long-Term Debt Repayment Ratio Net profit / Average owner’s equity x 100
Cash Flow to Revenue Ratio Repayment of borrowings / Cash from operating activities x 100

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