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Teresa Jacobson

Match the appropriate Brand name to its corresponding generic.

1Toprol XL _____Zyrtec
2alprazolam _____esomeprazole
3albuterol _____sertraline
4Zoloft _____ciprofloxacin
5Zocor _____promethazine
6amlodipine _____doxycycline
7Glucophage _____lansoprazole
8Dyazide _____metoprolol succinate
9cephalexin _____Norvasc
10zolpidem _____Celexa
11Nexium _____metformin
12Prevacid _____Proventil
13escitalopram _____simvastatin
14cetirizine _____methyl-prednisolone
15lorazepam _____metoprolol tartrate
16Lopressor _____Valium
17fenofibrate _____Keflex
18Vibramycin _____Zyloprim
19allopurinol _____triamterene/hctz
20Medrol _____Lexapro
21Cipro _____Ativan
22diazepam _____Tricor
23tramadol _____Xanax
24citalopram _____Ambien
25Phenergan _____Ultram

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