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Harlem Renaissance


A collection and selection of history about the movement

Negro capital of the world heart of american theater
New York laws that made segregation legal
Strange Fruit the souls of colored folks
What a Wonderful World Louis Armstrong
The Charleston rhapsody in blue
Jim Crow Laws A Raisin in the Sun
Cotton Club I too sing brother
broadway the autobiography of an ex colored man
George Gershwin Red Sails in the Sunset
Zora Neale Hurston famous integrated speakeasy
Nat Kign Cole unconstitutional law banning marijuana
Langston Hughes  Billie Holliday
Lorraine Hasbury  Eyes Watching God
James Weldon Johnson harlem
W E B DuBois mostly upbeat instrumental music
jazz mostly down beat music
blues country
marijuana stamp tax act Dance Craze
speakeasy where Harlem was located
prohibition city
second great migration illegal tavern
urban outlawed alcohol
rural african americans moved north

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