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jolly j week


A jocular jumble of jeremiad free j week words from that Jones inducing home of fine dining, bistro 420

Jones slang for full
jam packed an expense paid trip
jovial easy manner
jerta a term of endearment
junket envious , resentful
jaunty tedious boring speech
jannissaries wise and thoughtful
judicious loud verbal putdowns
jeer jibberish
jackanapes slang for strongly desire
jerk water cunning
jejune dull tasteless, non bistro, food
juxtapose to compare side by side
jesuitical adjective in a jolly mood
juggins impurdent self important people
jolterhead supporters
jabation a simpleton
jaundiced happy
jubilant stupid person
jabberwocky german slang for a clumsy oaf
jannock honest
jobbation the home of fine dining
jobbernowld tedious, talk
the bistro slang unimportant place or thing

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