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killer k week


kvetch free and ker flooey proof killer k week words from the kool home of kowtowed to kef inducing kuisine, bistro 420

kvetch jewish, to complain
ill kempt range of vision
kill joys jewish, tasteless and vulgar
kamikaze dreamy drug induced state
kitsch to surrender as to bistro dining
kappora vomit
klutz clever, crafty
kerfuffle german, clumsy person
the bistro slang for something goes wrong
kef flooey japanese suicide piolt
keck german uproar of clamor
keelhaul jewish, a disaster
kin family
ken nautical punishment
kismet body oder
kowtow german a fuss or argument
kef slang for those who ruin fun
kickshaw american for the home of fine dining
kaintophobia very fine bistro food
kakidrosis jewish, fate
kamerad fear of change
katzenjammer german, with ill it means not neat
knackish chinese, touch the head to the ground

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