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Lovely L Week


A lovely and lucious list of lovingly crafted L week words from the lavish larder of fine dining, Bistro 420

lunatic crazy person
laconic outrageous
lachrymose to make fun of
la la land slang for a dumb person
ludicrous slang for yelling at someone
listless food
laodician lacking energy
loony birds soon gladly
lethe tending to whine
leif slang a crazy place or person
letheferious half hearted
lambast forgiving
lunkhead feel sorry about
lour forgetfulness
losel discribes bistro food, very good
libel breif speech
larder to look sour
luscious slang for crazy people
lament worthless scamp
lampoon spending time being unhappy
lenient to make a slanderous remark
languish causing death
lieu instead of

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