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Lovely L Week


the last loving lexicon from the luxurious home of lush and lucious dining, Bistro 420

lunkhead an ignorant person
lunatic oblivion
larder slang for bad people
lackaday slang crazy place or person
la la land the home of fine dining and luscious larder
languid food
loony birds worthless fellow , scamp
lethargy light giving
leprose expression of regret
lethe slang yelling at someone
lambast scaly or scruffy
lout sad
losel reference book
luciferous slowless, lack of interest or effort
lugubrious peaceful time
lexicon slang for crazy people, plural that is
libel forgiving
low life crazy person
lull slang for a dumb person
lenient one of three that means lack energy
the bistro to make slanderous remaks about

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