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Chapter 15: Entrepreneur

Edmond and Rebecca


1Entrepreneurial characteristics  _____Having entrepreneurial characteristics essential to work-place or to other organizations.
2Entrepreneurial skills _____The ability to understand what other people think and feel.
3Research skills _____A person who starts a venture to solve a problem or take advantage of an opportunity.
4Management skills _____Planning, Organizing, Directing, Controlling, and Staffing
5Relationship skills _____Staff Relationship, Supplier Relationship, and Customer Relationship
6Fundrasing _____Public, Myself, Colleagues, Employer, Client, And Student.
7Empathy _____Research skills, Management skills, and Relationship skills
8Venture _____A business enterprise involving some risk, in expectation of a gain.
9Intrepreneurship _____Information, Connections, and Extensions
10Enterprising _____Having entrepreneurial spirit.
11Entrepreneur _____The collection of money to support an identifiable cause.
12Code of ethics to _____Risk Taker, Perceptive, Curious, Imaginative,Persistent,Goal-setting, Hard-working, Self-confident, Flexible, and Independent

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