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Learning about Adolescence

Karina Barrera

history on adolescence

storm and stress view generalization based on limited visible group of adolescents
inventionist view course of action designed by federal government to influence welfare of citizens
age of adolescence turbulent time charged with conflict
steryotype development as primarily and heavily colored emotions
generalization gap physical changes in individuals body
context  adapting positively and achieving successful outcomes
social policy compulsory legislation aimed at youth
biological processes  setting in which development occurs
cognitive processes  changes in individuals thinking and intellegence
socioemotional processes behavior, environment and cognition are the key factors in development
resilience sociohistorical creation
psychoanalytic theories  impressions and believes on a broad category of people
Phallic stage  changes in emotions, personality, relationship with others and social context
latency stage child's pleasure focuses on genitals
social cognitive theory child represses sexual interest and develops social and intellectual skills

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