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Chapter 1 Vocabulary

Introduction to Sociology

anthropology The study of the past, social history is concerned with past human social events.
economics The study of how goods, services, and wealth are produced, consumed, and distributed.
geography The study of the physical, biological, social, and cultural development of humans, often on a comparative basis.
history The ability to see how history and biography togehter influence our lives.
macrosociology A level of socialogical analysis concered with large scale units such as institutions, social categories, and social systems.
microsociology The study of the physical enviroment and distribution of plants and animals, inculding humans.
political science The study of human society and social life and the social causes and consequences of human behavior.
psychology The field in which the principles of social sciences are applied to actual social problems.
pure science The study of power, government, and political process.
social psychology the are of science in which knowledge is sought for its own sake with a little emphasis on how knowledge will be applied.
social science The level of sociological anlysis concerned with small scale units as individuals in small group interactions.
social work A way of looking at society and social behavior that involves questioning the obvious, seeking patterns, and looking beyond the individual in an attempt to discern social process.
sociological imagination The study of how individuals interact with other individuals or groups and how groups influence the individual.
sociological perspective A science that has its subject matter human behavior, social organizations, or society.
sociology The study of human mental process and individual human behavior.

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