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This is a puzzle for all of the Moshi Monsters fans out there-Match the Moshling to the name!

Burnie Baby Tumteedum
ShiShi Titchy Trundlebot
Humphrey Teeny TickTock
Jeepers Slapstick Tortoise
DJ Quack Disco Duckie
Peppy Batty Bubblefish
Professor Purplex Pointy RahRah/Pretty Pyramid
Tiki Magical Sparklepop
Doris Songful SeaHorse
Gurgle Silly Snuffler
Pooky Baby Boomer
Snookums Whiny Cat
Blurp Flashy Fox
Cali Stunt Penguin
Fumble Valley Mermaid
Stanley Owl of Wiseness
Dipsy Snuggly Tiger Cub
Flumpy Pilfering Toucan
Honey Psycho Gingerboy
I.G.G.Y Potty Pipsqueak
Coolio Dinky Dreamcloud
Cutie Pie Baby Blockhead
Hansel Funny Bunny
Oddie Pixel-Munching Snaffler
Gingersnap Snoring Hicktopotamus
Lady Meowford Pluff
Purdy Pretty Kitty
Waldo Caped Assassin
Chop Chop Unlucky Larrikin
General Fuzuki Musky Husky
Sooki-Yaki Tubby Huggishi
Shelby Acrobatic SeaStar
Angel Moptop Tweenybop
Priscilla Sneezing Panda
Gigi Fancy Banshee
Mr.Snoodle Warrior Wombat
Fifi Performing Flappasaurus
McNulty SkyPony
Scamp Froggie Doggie
White Fang Oochie Poochie
Big Bad Bill Princess Pony
Ecto Tabby Nerdicat
Kissy Magical Mule
Squidge Baby Ghost
Liberty Fiery Frazzledragon
Mini Ben Precious Prism
Cleo Wheelie YumYum
Rocky Naughty Nutter
Lady Goo Goo Cheeky Chimp
Blingo Jabberling Jibberling
Roxy Woolly Blue Hoodoo
Dustbin Beaver Rummaging Plotamus
Nipper Furry Heebee
Gabby Wistful Snowtot
Rofl Undercover YapYap
Tiamo Sweet Ringy Thingy
Cherry Bomb Mini Moshiphone
Tomba Sparkly Sweetheart
CocoLoco Happy Statue
O'Really Glitzy BooHoo

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