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absurd  A distinctive class or category of a play
act  The specific staging of a play's movements
ad-lib  Scene descriptions, instructions
audition  A line improvised by an actor during a performance
black-box theatre After the initial audition the director or casting director will "call back" for additional sometimes many readings
blocking  The point of highest tension in a play
callback-  A play that ridicules social follies
climax  The general principle that the stage should portray, in a reasonable facsimile
commedia dell' arte  The deeper meanings of a character's spoken lines
cue  Plays produced not on a conventional stage but in an area where the actors and the audience are intermixed in the same "environment"
denouement  The basic "goal" of a character
dialogue  To perform in a play
diction  The part of the stage closest to the audience
dimmer  Highly comic, lighthearted, gleefully contrived drama, usually involving stock situations
downstage  The last word of one speech that then becomes the "cue" for the following speech
empathy  The electrical device that regulates the current passing through the bulb
environmental theatre  Audience members' identification with dramatic characters
farce  A "frozen moment"
genre  The speeches- delivered to each other- of the characters in a play
improvisation  Actor's need for articulate speech and clear pronunciation
mask  A long unbroken speech in a play
monologue  The principal character
motivation  A covering of the face
naturalism  The events of a play
objective  A form of largely improvised masked street theatre
parody  Dialogue invented by the actor, often during the performance itself
plot  Or "props"; the furniture and hand held objects used in play productions
properties  Dramatic material that makes fun of a genre
protagonist  Emphasizes the symbolic nature of the presentation and abstract possibilities
realism  Scene design
satire  An extreme form of realism which advanced the notion that the natural and social environment controlled human behavior
scenography  A rectangular room with no fixed seating or stage area
stage directions  The notion that the world is meaningless
subtext  The part of the stage farthest from the audience
symbolism  The final scene or scenes in a play
tableau  The process whereby an actor seeks a role by presenting to a director
upstage  That which can be construed to have determined a person's behavior

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