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Art Good Copy


Studying for final exam.

abstraction  a 2-D area that is defined in some way
art criticism  a style that emphasized the expression of innermost feelings
balance  the element of art that refers to the area around, above, below, or within objects
brayer  the qualities that communicate ideas and moods
colour  rules the govern how artists organize the elements of art. rhythm, movement pattern, balance, proportion, variety, emphasis, harmony
complementary colours  paintings that tell stories
composition  principle of art concerned with difference or contrast
content  the path of a dot through space
contour drawing  the principle of art that indicates movement through the repetition of elements or objects
credit line  roller with a handle used to apply ink to a surface
elements of art  simplifying objects
emphasis  to become deeply aware through the senses of the spectral nature of a visual object
expressionism  the element of art that refers to how things feel or look as they may feel if touched
expressive qualities  an organized approach for studying a piece of art
form  a dark value of a hue made by adding black to it
genre  a list of important facts about a work of art
gesture drawing  principle of art concerned with the size relationships of one part to another
grid enlargement  the image viewers can easily identify in a work of art
harmony  the quality of wholeness or oneness that is achieved through effective use of the elements and principles of art
hue  object that is repeated in a pattern
ink slab  drawing that describes edges/surface of an object
intensity  basic visual symbols in the language of art. Line, shape, form, space, colour, texture
line  peace of life
linoleum block  the name of a colour in the colour spectrum
motif  object with three dimensions
nationalism  the way the principles of art are used to organize the elements of art
pastoral  something that represents something else
pattern  the element of art that describes the lightness or darkness of an object
perceive  the message the work communicates
portrait  an image of one self's face/upper body
principles of art  a piece of material to carve into
proportion  the element of art that is derived from reflected light
rhythm  A light value of a hue caused by mixing the hue with white
self-portrait  a quick/loose sketch to capture the basic form of an object
shade  the principle of art that refers to a 2-D decorative visual repetition
shape  image of a person's face/upper body
space  a sense of pride in one's country
subject  principle of art concerned with equalizing visual forces or elements in a work of art
symbol  colours opposite each other on the colour wheel
texture  drawing technique used to increase the scale of the image while retaining proportion
tint  principle of art that makes one part of a work dominant over another
unity  technique of shading with a series of fine parallel lines
value  the brightness or dullness of a colour
variety  a wooden block to put the ink on

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