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Jordan McDonald & Eric Cusimano

This is a word match about different types and sources of energy. I hope you have the energy to complete this haha....

1. Nuclear Energy Energy that comes from motion
2. Renewable Resources An example of conserving energy
3. Non-Renewable Resources A resource that supplies us with gasoline, kerosene, plastics and wax as well as petrochemicals
4. Solar Energy Reducing your energy use
5. Hydrogen This converts wind energy into electric energy by rotating a generator
6. Energy Most ultimate renewable resource
7. Recycling Involves the transfer of energy by waves
8. Sunlight The ratio of a machine's output to input work
9. Natural Gas Resourses that can be used up fast than they can be replenished naturally
10. Refineries The ability to cause change
11. Power One of the three major fossil fuels
12. Heat Factories where crude oil is separated into fuels and other products
13. Chemical Energy An example of a renewable resource
14. Oil Materials that do not transfer heat easily
15. Radiation The envelope of gases that surround the Earth
16. Wind Turbines A type of energy stored in molecules
17. Coal One of the three major fossil fuels
18. Atmosphere A natural resource that can be converted by humans into other forms of energy
19. Insulators The energy that exists within the nucleus of an atom
20. Energy Resource Most plentiful substance on the earths surface
21. Kinetic Energy An example of a biomass fuel
22. Energy Conservation Abundant natural resources that are continually produced
23. Petroleum The transfer of energy from warmer to cooler objects
24. Efficiency One of the three major fossil fuels
25. Wood The rate at which work is done

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