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Women of the Bible

Millwood Church of Christ

Eve The Lord's mother
Elizabeth  A generous seamstress for the poor widows
Esther Became the wife of King David
Martha The mother of Joseph & Benjamin
Mary of Bethany Older sister to Moses
Mary Magdalene  A seller of purple cloth
Miriam The mother of John the Baptist
Naomi Along with her husband, they taught the way more perfectly to Apollos
Ruth  The mother of Isaac
Hagar A deliverer of God's people
Sarah Changed her name to "Mara"
Rebekah Her courage saved Israel from destruction
Rachel The motherr of James & John
Leah The mother of Ishmael
Deborah The mother of Obed
Hannah First to see Jesus after His resurrection
Abigail  A generous follower of Christ Jesus
Lydia Washed Jesus feet with her hair
Priscilla The mother of Jacob & Esau
Dorcus The mother of Judah
Joanna The mother of all mankind
Salome The mother of Samuel the prophet
Mary Sister to Lazurus

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