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Glossary Review

Aisha & Amira

1direct presentation _____the adress of a computer user on the internet
2dominant mood _____an explanation of the origin of a word
3draft _____punctuation consisting of three dots in a row used to indicate a break in speech, an unfinished thought, or an omission in a quotation
4drama _____a very long poem related the adventures of one or mare herois figures
5dynamic character _____the first copy of a composition, rough draft without corrections
6editing _____in writing, the prosses of proofreading and correcting grammatical problems and errors like capitalization, spelling etc.
7editor _____a character who experiences growth or chanhge as a result of events in the story or play.
8ellipsis _____a person who gathers material written by others, someone who corrects another persons work
9email _____the main or principal mood in work of literature
10email address _____the stressing of certain words and phrases compared to others
11emphasis _____a way of presentating a story through action
12epic poem _____electronic mail, message sent over the internet
13etymology _____a way of revealing a characters personality by directly telling about the character

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