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Girl Power: Technology Vocabulary

Mary Anderson

1Keyboard _____camera that is specifically made to connect with your computer
2DVD _____anything that puts information inside a computer
3Speakers _____device that creates text or graphics on paper
4Printer _____cable that connects a device to a computer
5Digital Camera _____brain of the computer
6CPU _____device that is connected to a computer and produces sound
7Flash Drive _____anything that can display information
8Wireless Router _____output device that displays digital data
9Monitor _____device used to enter text or data into a computer
10iPod _____picture or symbol that appears on the desktop and is used to represent a command
11Mouse _____device that allows for Internet access between computers without wires
12USB _____handheld tool used to control the cursor on the screen
13Scanner _____portable deive used to store and play music
14Web Cam _____mobile storage device that is used to move data between computers
15Desktop _____disks that store data
16Icon _____device that creates a digital representation of an image or of data
17Input Device _____hand-held tool that can record and store pictures
18Output Device _____primary display screen on a computer

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