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for Where should we __________ vegetables for the winter?
during It was a modern, bright _________ hospital.
abundance A: When did you get those scars? B: _______ the last winter.
scarce We always keep some money in ________, just in case.
take in  Water boils at a ____________ of 100 degrees celcius.
vary You need to ____________ nutritious food to keep healthy.
protect A: How long did you stay in Mexico City? B: ____ about three months.
well-equipped According to George, she's a great player.
go without Fruit was always ____________ in winter and cost a lot.
temperature We can't afford a holiday, so we'll just have to _____________.
store A: What do you normally have for lunch? B: Well, it ______ from day to day.
reserve Wild flowers grow in ___________ on the hillsides.
according to  Try to ______ your skin from the sun.
in addition In addition to giving a general introduction to computers, the course also provides proactical experience.

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