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Brenda S.

SAT Day 1 Part A

1demise _____of or like a tree
2laudatory _____a figure of speech containing an implied comparison
3amenable _____wild and noisy; uproarious
4iniquitous _____a connected group or series
5arboreal _____a doctrine; tenet; belief
6anthology _____a flattering act or remark meant to persuade
7breach _____immoral
8tumultous _____a clumsy, stupid person
9conduit _____a pipe or tunnel for water or wires
10lummox _____a collection of poems, stories, songs, or excerpts
11nexus _____a deviation from the normal or the typical
12dogma _____a descriptive name or title
13abberation _____expressing praise
14blandishment _____a formal pulic speech
15epithet _____ceasing to exist; death
16metaphor _____a breaking or being broken
17feint _____willing to follow advice or suggestion
18oration _____a fading from sight; vanishing
19evanescence _____a false show; sham

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