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SAT Vocabulary Day 2

Brenda S.

Part 1

1guileless _____a part or division of law
2jurisprudence _____a poisonous atmosphere
3hue _____a person smugly narrow and conventional in views and tastes
4litigant _____without deceit
5condescension _____a person who hates mankind
6curator _____a party to a lawsuit
7catalyst _____middle-class
8epitome _____a person or thing that shows typical qualities of something
9emmissary _____a person with no established residence or means of support
10philistine _____a person sent on a specific mission
11anatomist _____a person who analyzes in great detail
12immpeccable _____a map-maker
13misanthrope _____a particular shade or tint of a given color
14vagrant _____a person who takes an independent stand
15advocate _____a person in charge of a museum, library, etc
16charlatan _____a person who pretends to have expert knowledge or skill
17maverick _____a patronizing manner or behavior
18bourgeois _____a person or thing acting as the stimulus in bringing about a result
19cartographer _____without defec or error; flawless
20miasma _____a person who pleads another's cause

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