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SAT Vacabulary Day 2

Brenda S.

Part 2

1parody _____a student at a military school; younger son or brother
2buttress _____a slingshot or type of launcher
3antigen _____a short poem with a witty point
4rogue _____any substance that stimulates the production of antibodies
5antidote _____humorous or satirical mimicry
6ballad _____a remedy to counteract a poison
7epigram _____a thing or person greatly detested
8anecdote3 _____a stupid, slow-witted person
9nuance _____a statement that seems contradictory
10catapult _____a rascal; scoundrel
11paean _____a short, entertaining account of some happening
12forlorn _____a strong belief
13paradox _____without hope; desperate
14conviction _____a romantic or sentimental song
15cadet _____a sudden and decisive change of government illegally or by force
16dolt _____a tendency to give in readily to others
17coup _____a song of joy, triumph, praise
18credulity _____a tendency to believe too readily
19compliance _____a projecting structure built against a wall to support or reinforce it
20anathema _____a slight or delicate variation

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