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Korean Term

Steven Lemner

Match the Korean with the English terms

1Sang Dan _____Front Kick
2Ha Dan _____Back
3Choong Dan _____Uniform
4Ahlp _____Middle Knife hand block
5Dwi _____Horse Stance
6Yup _____Front Stance
7Soo Do _____Jumping front kick
8Kwon Do _____Martial
9Chung Mok _____Side Kick
10Hugul Jaseh _____Round Kick
11Chun Gul Jaseh _____Middle
12Kima Jaseh _____Jumping sdie kick
13Kwan Soo _____Virture
14Ahlp Cha Nut Gi _____Hammer Fist
15Yup Podo Cha Gi _____Front
16Dwi Podo Cha Gi _____Side Stance
17Ahneso Pahkuro _____Training hall
18Mahk Kee _____High
19Pahkeso Ahnuro _____Back Kick
20Dollyo Cha Gi _____Spear Hand
21Edan _____School
22Edan Ahlp Ch Nut Gi _____Stance
23Edan Dollyo Cha Gi _____Side
24Edan Yup Podo Cha Gi _____Jumping
25Kong Kyuk _____Low
26Jeseh _____Belt
27Moo _____Back Stance
28Duk  _____Attack
29Kwan _____Inside to out side
30Dojang _____Low Knife Hand Block back stance
31Do Bahk _____Reverse
32Dee _____Block
33Turo _____Jumping round kick
34Sa Ko Rip Ja Seh _____Reverse soo do
35Hugul Ha Dan Soo Do Mahk Kee _____Forefist
36Hugul Choong Dan Soo Do Mahk Kee _____Outside to inside
37Hugul Sand Dan Soo Do Mahk Kee _____High Knife hand Block
38Ssang Soo _____Knife Hand
39Yuk Soo Do _____Double hand

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