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Introduction to Legal Studies

Mr Jason Marchant

Criminal I provide security and keep in order unruly members of the public in the courtroom
Civil Some people obey the law because they fear being caught or being ________.
Readings I am a written statement setting out a person's evidence, that is, information that tends to prove or disprove a fact
Judge When asked, you must give your name and ________ to police.
Barrister This person needs to sign off on all laws made by parliament. This person is the Queen’s representative in Australia.
Act For a law to come into effect, it must pass through a number of ________.
Bill I present the case in court working with solicitor.
Magistrates Without laws, society would likely descend into this
Supreme Laws made by parliament
High Law made by judges as a result of their decisions in court
Anarchy Possibly the most serious criminal offence in law. Commonly known as murder.
Common Name of the upper house of parliament.
Statute  Police must have a reasonable ___________ before making an arrest
Representatives The lowest criminal court in Queensland which also hears smaller civil cases up to $25,000
Governor General Police say ``You are not obliged to say or do anything unless you wish to do so, but whatever you say or do may be used in ________”
Royal assent The last court of appeal in Australia which hears matters regarding the constitution
Senate Before becoming a law, I am known as this.
Address Australia has adopted a court system where two parties/sides go against each other
Evidence The highest court in Queensland which hears serious criminal and civil cases
Homicide A dispute between an individual and the state is known as _______ law
Suspicion The term given when the Queen's representative signs off on a new law
Adversary It is my job to ensure that a trial follows correct legal procedure and to clarify any points of the law that may arise.
Bailiff A dispute between different people is known as ________law?
Affidavit The word at the end of the title of a law once it has come into effect
Punished The lower house of parliament. The house of ________

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