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Lyndon B. Johnson


Draw lines to match the beginning and end of each sentence.

Lyndon Johnson was born a recount of the votes in the 1948 Senate race.
He was a teacher for a class of  her nanny called her "Lady Bird".
When his wife was a child 7th and 8th grade Mexican-American students.
When Johnson was 28 years old when John F. Kennedy was assassinated.
Johnson's father advised him to  he won a seat in the House of Representatives.
During World War 2 he in the state of Texas.
In 1942 he lost the Senate race to  "Pappy" O'Daniel, the Texas governor.
In 1948 he won a Senate seat  the owner of a radio station.
Judge Hugo Black blocked work for the benefit of the people.
Lady Bird Johnson was guaranteed voting rights for blacks.
In 1964 Lyndon Johnson became President joined the Navy.
The civil rights bill when he ran against Coke Stevenson.

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