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Financial Incapacity and Exploitation


“It takes a village”—more accurately, a formal or informal multidisciplinary approach—to detect, prevent, and remedy exploitation and to meet victims’ needs according to Lori A. Stiegel in her article, An Overview of Elder Financial Exploitation in Generations July 2012 issue.

1undue influence _____allows another person to make designated decisions -2 types (financial and healthcare)
2financial capacity _____ability to make decisions that has been harmed in some way
3durable power of attorney _____ ability to manage one’s financial affairs
4trust _____ may be created for the financial benefit of the person creating it or for a surviving spouse or minor children, or a charitable purpose.
5conceptual confusion _____ loss of general knowledge regarding basic terms and concepts, i.e. wills, mortgages, annuities
6Impaired judgment _____coercive dynamic between two individuals that involves unfair persuasion

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