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Final Review Chapter 11-18

Michele Queenan

Imipramine Anticoagulants are different than platelet aggregation inhibitors because they:
half One-way valves in the heart prevent
liver Lithium carbonate should only be used to treat:
Bipolar disorder Enuresis can be treated with:
Tourette’s syndrome What are class I antiarrhythmic drugs meant to do?
Constipation In order to form a stable clot, ________ clotting factors have to occur.
Risperidone Digoxin comes from the
Dopamine levels Women should not take ACE inhibitors or ARBs if:
fulminant liver failure. Systolic pressure is measured during the contraction of the heart, and diastolic pressure is measured during the ______.
vomiting  Side effects of phenytoin includes ________ and Anemia
Medical alert bracelets  an example of poor compliance when treating hypertension?
backflow of blood must be stored in its original amber glass container in order to preserve stability.
Sinoatrial node Conventional antipsychotic drugs can cause:
Relaxation phase What is a requirement for patients on heparin, thrombin inhibitors, or warfarin therapy?
Anemia The cells responsible for the release of renin are part of which system?
Automaticity According to the brand manufacturer for sotalol, sotalol and sotalol AF cannot be ____________ due to dosing and safety information.
Block the flow of sodium ions Elderly adults are usually started on ____the adult dose of tricyclics.
interchanged MAOIs not only affect the enzyme monoamine oxidase in the nerves, but also in the intestines and
Shortness of breath The electrical impulse is generated by which of the following?
Renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system Haloperidol and pimozide are indicated for which syndrome?
foxglove plant which was released in 1994, was the first of several atypical antipsychotic agents made available without any prescribing restrictions.
Nitroglycerin Dyspnea is known as:
Lack of patient involvement the most common form of which is iron deficiency, can occur as a result of insufficient nutrients or blood loss?
Can alter blood sugar levels offer a readily available access to patients’ medical information.
In the second or third trimester Tolcapone packaging carries an FDA-required warning regarding the risk of acute,
asthma Cells outside the conduction system can spontaneously generate electrical impulses known as:
thirteen Calcium channel blockers are helpful in the treatment of hypertensive patients who have
Interfere with the production of fibrin Levodopa restores _______ in the areas of the brain that atrophy in Parkinson’s disease.
Monitoring lab work Beta-blockers:

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