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Reconstruction in South

History Chapter 16

1. Abraham Lincoln 12.Born in the U.S. have automatic ciizenship p.556
2. Freedman 13. Laws in the south to stop Africam people the right to vote p553
3. Amnesty 15. White racist group formed in 1870 to terrorize African Americans p.557
4. Resolve 4. To decide p.548
5. Voluntary 1. 16th President of the U.S. p.549
6. Register 2. African American people who were freed after the Civil War. p.544
7. Republican Radical 6. Enroll p.555
8. Dred Scott 8. A slave who sued for his freedom p.554
9. Andrew Johnson 5. Done of own's own free will p.547
10. Amendment 13 9. 17th U.S. President who served after Licoln was killed p.552
11. Amendment 14th 3. People pardon p.547
12. Amendment 15th 14. First African American to serve in the Senate, 1875 p.555
13. Black codes 11. Reinforce the Civil Rights Act for states p.553
14. Hiram Revel 10. Abolished slavery p.552
15. The Ku Klux Klan 7. Strong support for African American rights in the south p.555

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