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SAT Vocabulary Word List 1, Groups 5 & 6


Match the synonyms.

1absolution _____cover
2blatant _____arrogance
3creditable _____ruined
4ensconce _____shun
5hasten _____forgiveness
6laceration _____confuse
7obdurate _____a cut
8plausible _____praiseworthy
9reprieve _____reasonable
10tawdry _____hide
11abstain _____gaudy
12blighted _____gullible
13credulous _____hurry
14enshroud _____stubborn
15haughtiness _____boredom
16lachrymose _____postponement
17obfuscate _____sad
18plethora _____overabundance
19repudiate _____withdraw
20tedium _____obvious

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