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What are these books about?

Ms. Stouten

Speak The other Freaks would eat them. They had no care for their dead...anything in the tunnels offered fuel for their endless appetites.
Lockdown I have entered high school with the wrong hair, the wrong clothes, the wrong attitude. And I don't have anyone to site with.
Enclave The building ahead was only the entrance, the gateway to the fiery pits below, the mouth that led to the sprawling guts of Furnace.
Tyrell We fell asleep with visions of mass destruction in our head.
Smack Our room ain't got no bullet holes or blood or nothing like that, but the paint is all dirty and peeling
Compound Most every girl my age was getting primed for turning sex-teen
XVI She does a trick and they go together and spend the money on sweets and heroin
Acceleration This guy's been stalking women. He's a real nut- gets off on killing animals and setting fires.
Gym Candy The talent of an all-star, the attitude of a punk. I've seen that smirk on your face for too long.
Night Road He'd quickly fed on the cabdriver, a hairy man who apparently was not fond of bathing.

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