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Neurotransmitters & Organization of the Nervous System

Introduction to Psychology

neurons that transmit information to the spinal cord and brain autonomic nervous system
neurons that covey messages from the CNS to the muscles and glands motor neurons
deficits of this chemical found in Alzheimer's patients sympathetic nervous system
an agonist of dopamine, leads to addictions peripheral nervous system
enhance neurotransmitters, often mimics their actions depression
major inhibitory chemical; alcohol is its agonist sensory neurons
the poison "curare" paralyzes the victim; is an ____ of acetylcholine central nervous system
these inhibit pain & promote pleasure antagonist
deficits of norepinephrine & serotonin are associated with this disorder GABA
part of the PNS, regulates voluntary movements acetylcholine
part of the PNS, controls involuntary bodily processes glands
connects the CNS to other parts of the body cocaine
nervous system that includes the brain & spinal cord endorphins
the alarm system of the autonomic nervous system parasympathetic nervous system
part of autonomic nervous system; conserves energy agonists
endocrine system; secretes hormones somatic nervous system

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